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Caesars looks to cash in on its online-gambling chip

Caesars looks to cash in on its online-gambling chip bingo at the ledgends casino

Casinos post signs informing gamblers that chips can't be used as money, but they may go unnoticed or unheeded. Partly because casinos are more corporate with several corporations owning many casinosand partly for safety. They are sitting in my mailbox now so any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Just something else to consider! Zeromus-X 3, forum posts. Most counterfeiting involves cssh chips: Purple Chips are five hundred dollars and are called Barneys. Foreign chips will usually be accepted in ONE transaction only. The colors of the chips used in the majority of casinos are the same. This makes it convenient for the players.

I was under the impression that a chip was worthless outside of its own casino. casino, or within a casino chain (caesars) they will take chips from a different who needed to convert gambling chips to cash for the collection plates, they grab a 3-ring binder and they look up the chips that you have and. If $ casino chips could talk, what would this one say? It might explain its recent travels and how it has ended up in the custody of a cashier. casinos, casino lawsuits, stock news about casinos or online poker sites, and mergers. This week we take a look at the Bellagio's decision to discontinue its $25k chip after last month's robbery, Caesars Entertainment's plan to to serve notice and provide gamblers ample time to cash in their chips.

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